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Breast cancer and environment


Sunday, May 19

  • Advances in breast cancer. From the bench to the bedside. José Ángel García Sáenz.
  • Chronodisruption, melatonin and breast cancer risk. Darío Acuña Castroviejo.
  • Gene-environment interactions and epigenetic changes in breast cancer. Atocha Romero Alfonso.
  • Diet, alcohol and breast cancer risk. Jesús Román Martínez Álvarez.
  • The Conundrum of nutritional supplements and chronic disease (including cancer) prevention and management: a public health perspective. Saverio Stranges.
  • Hormonal treatment, phytoestrogens and breast cancer risk. María Herrera de la Muela.
  • Cadmium and selenium in breast cancer etiology. Marco Vinceti.
  • Relationships between endocrine disrupting compounds, hormones in personal care products and breast cancer. Nicolás Olea Serrano.

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