Breast cancer and environment

SATELLITE MEETING EUROMEDLAB 2019 PROGRAMME Sunday, May 19 Advances in breast cancer. From the bench to the bedside. José Ángel García Sáenz. Chronodisruption, melatonin and breast cancer risk. Darío Acuña Castroviejo. Gene-environment interactions and epigenetic changes in breast cancer. Atocha Romero Alfonso. Diet, alcohol and breast cancer risk. Jesús Román Martínez Álvarez. The Conundrum of nutritional supplements and chronic disease…

AISETOV 2018 Annual Conference

The role of trace elements in health: from healthy environments to healthy living organisms Scientific topics: Trace elements in wild and farm animals Trace elements in conventional and non-conventional food for humans and domestic animals Trace elements in human health Methods for trace element analysis Friday 12th October 2018 Link to flyer AISETOV 2018

7th International FESTEM Symposium – 35th GMS Meeting

April 2-5,  2019, University of Potsdam, Germany Major topics –  Trace elements and minerals and Epidemiology Analytical methods Biomarkers Pathophysiology, nutrition and toxicology Human health Aging Animal health and disease Health benefits and risks Environment Interactions of trace elements Link to presentation of FESTEM 2019 Link to Symposium website

6th FESTEM International Symposium

NEW HORIZONS ON TRACE ELEMENTS AND MINERALS ROLE IN HUMAN AND ANIMAL HEALTH 26-28 May 2016 – Catania   Main Scientic Topics Trace elements and minerals: • epidemiology • measures and biological mechanisms • physiopathology, nutrition and toxicology • environment • human health • infectious and chronic diseases • occupational and medical toxicology • animal health and…